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A Gateway to China for trade and commerce

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Shanghai Showroom

Showcase your products in our new showroom

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Marketing & Tradeshows

Market Research, validation, sales, tradeshows and more

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Sinowei China - Website

We have created a bespoke website in China to allow companies to display and detail their full range of products

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Exporting, compliance and accreditation

Our knowledge and expertise within China can help you get your products accreditated

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Sell directly to buyers from China's leading retail and online marketplaces throughout the year.

Sinowei is a company with Chinese and Western trade experts. We speak, think and act the way the business community in China expects.

This is why we have been successful in securing trade deals for western companies, most of whom have never visited China. They don’t need to because the Sinowei team can take care of the business in China. Our clients include prestigious public and private companies.

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Basic steps for exporting to China

As an overseas manufacturer and exporter of food, you must register with the State Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) if the food product being exported is on the ‘List of Food Imports Subject to Enterprise Registration’. Some of the food products that have heightened safety requirements such as meat and health products require additional registration. The registration is valid for 4 years and is extendable.